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Real Reality was founded in 2003. Its major ambition : making films using 3D computer graphics.

The two first six minutes cartoon short film were made in 2004 and 2005: DIZZ and HOPE both directed by Marc Goldstein.

The third one, LIBRE! Was finished in 2006 from the director Marc Levie.
We will soon start the special effects of the long feature film, GLENN from the director Marc Goldstein. See the “PROJECTS” link to see some material.

We did some hyper realistic images for advertisement stills since the beginning of this year. Soon some interesting picture to see here.

Another field of activities is education. One of the founder of the company - Luc Petitot - has an experience of many years teaching 3D all over the world.
We propose some courses in various schools. Follow the “TEACHING” link to know more about this activity.